About Us

Wright’s Garage is a small family owned and run garage in the north end of Kettering. We started selling cars in 1958, as an offshoot from Horace Wright’s haulage business, becoming a dealer in Morris and Singer cars. Incorporated as a limited company in 1960, we then became a Morris and MG dealer, and during the 1960s saw the launch of the Morris Marina.

A major move in 1976 was the change to be one of the first Toyota main dealers in the UK, and at the time, the sole dealer in central Northamptonshire. In fact, in October 2014, we have been asked to sell the very first Toyota Crown that we sold in 1976, which was the first car off the first Toyota transporter. We have seen many changes in cars since then, the early Japanese models from Toyota and Datsun having many advanced features which are now standard on all makes and models.

We are now a Toyota specialist, with links to the Toyota spares and dealer network, with us not being tied to any particular manufacturer we can buy, sell and repair any make and model, new or used. We have many regular customers who have been with us for over 40 years, and many families where we are now servicing cars for the 3rd generation of drivers.

So for all your motoring needs, give us a call and speak to Roy or James, or email us at [email protected].


Below, our Kettering Evening Telegraph adverts from August 1964 (left) and September 1968 (right)

ET Advert Aug 64 ET Advert Sept 68


We here at Wright’s Garage can meet your every motoring need, we can buy, sell, repair or service any make or model of new or used cars. We are an authorised Testing Station for MOT testing, including diesels and catalyst converters, using a Sun tester for exhaust gas analysis, headlight alignment equipment, and a rolling road for brake testing.

So for everything from a blown number plate bulb to your next new car, give us a call and speak to Roy or James, or email us at [email protected]